Sorry Sir, you’re not Black enough


Peet coming from a socially disadvantaged background due to the Apartheid system of government prior to 1994 should be entitled to financial help from the South African government to help get his son Pernell Luther van Staden through university, however when Peet applied for a grant he was turned away because he was apparently not “Black enough.”

Peet and his family are regarded as Coloureds or people of mixed race and they find themselves caught in this terrible trap of sometimes being labelled black and then other occasions labelled as not Black enough.

I am trying to raise funds to help Peet get his son through university and am asking for as little as £5, $5 or any Rand or Euro donation.

Please Help or if you cannot at least send this blog to a friend of business colleague.

Please make a donation below, your help is really appreciated



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South African Education Worst in the World

Yes you are reading correctly. South Africa has the lowest education standard in the world. The country that performed the worlds first heart transplant has the worst education system. What’s more it comes in at 139 out of 143 for Mathematics and science. This information has been gathered by the World Economic Forums Global Information Technology Report 2015.

Some South Africans might not be concerned because their children attend the schools in the previous Whites only neighbourhoods and the teachers are excellent in their field of teaching. All that we need to observe is how affirmative action is on the increase and its a matter of time that these schools will have to take in second rate teachers based only on the colour of their skin. Affirmative action will hit these schools hard. It is not well known that our grade 9 pupils are now writing exams that grade 8 wrote in 2002.

Many parents are now educating their children from home because they have no faith in the future of South Africa’s education system. Click here to see a website that deals with this. I was directed to the website because a friend of mine uses it.

It has relevance to this website because it deals with the history of the Cape from The San,Jan van Riebeeck, isiXhosa, Dutch settlers, French Huguenots etc. perfect for today’s children where so much history is now left out of the syllabus.

Begin to look into educating your children from home. For the Saffas around the world also go to this site because you can download ebooks for your kids to read about South Africa.

A very interesting read. Go to the site




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Watch “Cape Independence” on YouTube

I wish they had the financial support to continue. Unfortunatly money speaks.

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The Time For Cape Independence is Now Strong

Helen Zille is gone. For many people in the Cape, Helen Zille represented stability, structure, a well organised movement and a leader they could not find anywhere else in South Africa. With her no longer at the forefront I believe the Western Cape is now vulnerable and the Democratic Alliance weaker than before.

This could pave the way for the emergence of a new movement that wants to see the Cape leave the Republic of South Africa. South Africa is at its lowest point since democracy because it’s leader Jacob Zuma is not capable of steering the country in a positive direction mainly due to his own personal interests and the entire ANC government protecting him at the cost of it’s democracy.

With the recent xenophobic attacks in Durban and Johannesburg, Africans throughout Africa want their people to leave SA because they fear for their lives. Most foreign nationals cannot leave and it is a matter of time that they form vigilante groups and a new decade of retaliation through blood and harm is born in South Africa. Boko Haram have already warned that they will retaliate in South Africa if harm to foreign nationals does not stop.

The people in the Cape cannot grasp the inhumane behaviour of those cultures that appear to support the violent attacks on people. Two different ideologies should not live under one roof, one country.
Just like in Marikana, Julius Malema is going to feed off the recent xenophobic attacks and I believe his party is the only one that will gain seats in the next general election.

With a government that is corrupt as ever, without any positive direction,and a new rapidly growing dangerous opposition, the Cape must take advantage of the countries present upheavals.
The DA is now vulnerable, the ANC government off guard due to many internal battles, as well as  protecting Jacob Zuma and a new strong opposition growing who’s ideologies are worse than Fidal Castros, the time to strike is good.

With the removal of Cecil Rhodes’s statue and damage to other historical memorials, people are more aware of  local politics than before. It appears everybody is talking about their culture and why or how it should be protected. The time to strive towards separation from SA is no better than today. The Cape Republic could just be over the mountain.

End them once and for all

Join group supporting Zulu King to stand down because of his comments on foreigners


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How Far is the Cape from secession?

Cape Insight

By Chris Cochrane

In order for any region to secede from another country there are certain requirements that need to be in place before international laws are satisfied that the region has a valid reason to secede. These laws were created by the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, adopted in 1933.

This article is not so much about internal domestic problems (i.e. lack of jobs, discrimination, violence etc) that are necessary for Capetonians to demand independence , (although I will write about this topic in a later article), but more to do with international acceptance for secession.

A country must declare its intensions i.e. via a referendum.

At present as far as I am aware there is only one party (The Cape Party) although other parties or organisation may develop in the future, that has a manifesto outlying ‘reasons’ to secede from The Republic of South…

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Table Mountain South Africa

We see Table Mountain in the sky today
For others she's a long gone yesterday 
We love all that she offers us now
but have forgotten those whom before her would bow

Where are those forgotten people upon whom she would look
are they only found roaming page to page within a book
If the great mountain could whisper in my ear
perhaps she would tell me that they are in fact near.

Why is it that I thought the mountain would so say
perhaps because of what the old fisherman told me at the bay
I asked the old man about those people long gone
And he smiled at me and sang some song

He asked me if the mountain of yesterday still stands
yes of course sir and I pointed to it with my hands
He said now young man listen here
because for some this won't be clear

Even though the mountain looks fine
it is in fact changing  all the time
Plants and birds come and go
rocks also fall high and low

So those people you think are gone
Have simply changed as does a baby swan
Those people who bowed before the mountain (Hoerikwaggo)are still here
even though others tried to make them disappear.

Chris Cochrane

A poem about the original people of the Cape and whom it really belongs to.
Table Mountain, (Hoerikwaggo its original name)

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Cape federalism


CAPE TOWN – Coloured people must take their rightful place at the helm of the Western Cape, former Cape Town Mayor and Western Cape Premier Peter Marais said on Friday.

He also suggested the province become a federal state.

Marais, who is also the president of the Briun Bewustheid Bond (The Brown Consciousness Movement), spoke at the Bellville South Community Centre about his vision.

“A free Cape will not deny or expel anybody’s freedom of movement on the basis of race or religion, but will look after the total interest of all its citizens as a priority. Everybody will have a vote and the same rights.”

He says the Western Cape will be able to determine the standards and lifestyles of its inhabitants free from national government intervention.

Marais says Coloured people should be recognised as indigenous.

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2005 sent a person to investigate the plight of the indigenous people in the Western Cape, the former mayor said.

The committee apparently said the term Coloured was an amorphous term which government should scrap.

“The government should not refer to brown skinned people as Coloured because it has no form or shape.”

Marais claims by definition, Coloured people are the original first nation because of intermarriages between the Khoisan and white settlers.

“They are indigenous to the Western Cape and Northern Cape. Their status should be recognised in our country’s Constitution.”

He says their land should be restored and people should not dare to discriminate against them ( put that on the Table). In Marais words, the South African government is recognising that there is pressure to give recognition to the land rights and constitutional rights of coloured people who can apparently “claim land before 1913.”

“This makes it possible for me, as a descendant of the Griekwa, to put in that land claim.”

I think Table mountain South Africa is just laughing at us all.

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